Yummy Szechuan

This restaurant specializes in original Szechuan cuisine and Chinese hand-made noodle dishes. 

Chef Hu Wen Jun

He is a country-wide Chinese cuisine senior chef and a member of the Hebei Providence United Culinary Association

Chef Hu Wen Jun, He is a country-wide Chinese cuisine senior chef and a member of the Hebei Providence United Culinary Association. Chef Hu has been a chef for 14 years and, throughout the years, he’s continually exchanged culinary skills with his peers with the sole purpose of improving and taking his culinary skills to a higher level.


His achievements are numerous
  • Several of his recipes have received honorable mentions and were published in the "Szuchuan Cuisine."
  • Participated in Pearl Cup Culinary Arts Competition. Chef Hu led a group in the preparation of the "Dragon and Phoenix Celebration." The dish was recognized by the Chinese Culinary Association as a Hebei banquet specialty
  • Won silver and earned the title of "Culinary Star of Hebei" in the 3rd Hebei Providence Culinary competition in December 2004
  • Michelin guide recommended 2017

Braised Pig's Feet W_Beans in Tomato Sauce

Braised Prawns Sweet & Sour Sauce

Cedar Nuts Stir-Fry W_Kernel Corn

Golden Chili Cabbage

Golden Chili Tender Beef(Lamb)

Golden Chili Tofu Fish Fillet

Griddle Cooked Chicken Gizzard

Hot Braised Whole Fish

Shredded Tofu With Sesame Oil

Sizzling Eggplant anf Tofu W_Garlic Sauce

Smashed Green Pepper With Eggplant

Spicy Pork Ear

Tender Organic Chicken in House Sauce

SzeChuan Chill Lamp

ChengDu Spicy Steam pot With Seafood Meat and Veggie

Scallion Pancake

Garlic Chinese Lettuce

Honey Bitter Melon

ChongQing Spicy Chill Duck

ChongQing Hot Spicy Noodles

ChongQing Spicy Chill Chicken

Garlic Cooked Tender Beef

Dragon King Eggplant with Garlic Sauce

Griddle Cooked Prawns

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