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Michelin Guide Recommended 2017, 2018 and 2019–Chef Hu is a renown chef in China and has continued to advance his skills among his peers and through mentoring new and upcoming chefs. This restaurant specializes in original Szechuan cuisine and Chinese hand-made noodle dishes. His Eggplant Dragon with Garlic Sauce was selected and published in the Star Level Hot Food Choices publication in 2004 and among his other popular dishes are Dan Dan Noodle and Chongqing Chilli spicy Chicken. Feel free to inquire about banquets, birthday parties, catering, and take-out. We are here to provide you with the best


Chef Hu Wen Jun, He is a country-wide Chinese cuisine senior chef and a member of the Hebei Providence United Culinary Association. Chef Hu has been a chef for 14 years and, throughout the years, he’s continually exchanged culinary skills with his peers with the sole purpose of improving and taking his culinary skills to a higher level.


His achievements are numerous
  • Several of his recipes have received honorable mentions and were published in the "Szuchuan Cuisine."
  • Participated in Pearl Cup Culinary Arts Competition. Chef Hu led a group in the preparation of the "Dragon and Phoenix Celebration." The dish was recognized by the Chinese Culinary Association as a Hebei banquet specialty
  • Won silver and earned the title of "Culinary Star of Hebei" in the 3rd Hebei Providence Culinary competition in December 2004
  • Michelin guide recommended 2017